APF Bangkok Masterclass, 11th-13th May 2018

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APF is organising a 3 day intensive masterclass which is tailor made to cater to the needs of anyone who wishes to train their eyes to find order in chaos on the streets of Bangkok. Street photography is very rewarding but at the same time, one of the hardest genres to master. Our workshop would help ease the anxiety next time you hit the streets, would help solve the puzzle of composing compelling images in split seconds and most importantly it would help you to see.

During this masterclass, mentors will take the students out on the streets and pass on their tips and knowledge on capturing compelling images on the street. This masterclass includes classroom and shooting sessions. Detail lectures, critiques and selection process will be part of everyday session. We will also look into various composition aspects and the common mistakes while composing, understanding layering in photography, developing ones own style, understanding peripheral vision, ways to see and treat light, will present a video documentary of how their images are made as they shoot and how they fine tune their vision.

Vineet, Rohit and would also guide you through their signature – Gestalt Vision, widely applied in their images, which basically involves an attempt to organize visual elements into groups or unified whole by applying principles of composition.

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The mentors will accompany participants while shooting, observe them at work and give instant feedback and suggestions when required. Students will also have a chance to observe the mentors at work, learn their tricks and techniques.

This masterclass is limited to a maximum of 12 participants,

During this intensive 3-day masterclass, mentors will focus on the following topics:

–       Street photography

–       The light and how to handle it

–       Composition – from simple to multi-layered

–       Telling a story with your photographs

–       Working on projects

–       Developing personal style

There are no pre-requisites for attending this workshop. The workshop will be best suited for photographers who have some understanding of how to operate their camera, edit their photos, have some experience in photography and want to take their skills to the next level. However, inexperienced photographers are also welcome.

Students need to bring the following to the workshop:

–       A digital camera with a fixed wide angle lens preferably (a 35mm focal length lens would be best). You are most welcome to get your Long telephoto lenses and zooms for your personal work.

–       A laptop with software to edit/tone your images

–       A notebook to take down notes during the workshop


 Tuition for the workshop Early Bird THB 17,500/ $500 (valid till 28th Feb)

$590 after 28th Feb

Charges are for the workshop only. The participants are responsible for travel, visa, accommodation and local transport costs. Staying in Bangkok is fairly reasonable and starts from under $25 a night. If you want any assistance regarding your accommodation in Bangkok, you can email Mehar at contact@artphotofeature.com.


To sign up for the workshop please email us at contact@artphotofeature.com

After registering we will send you an email regarding the deposit and payment options. To secure a spot in the workshop you must send the full deposit.

To find out more about APF workshops, you can visit


©Vineet Vohra

Vineet Vohra

Born in Delhi/India, Vineet did masters in fine arts from the prestigious college of arts. He is a self-taught photographer and street photography is a passion that he follows like a discipline.
Vineet started shooting as a wild life photographer for two years and then switched on to street in 2001, it instantly became his passion.Vineet considers street photography a journey that he travels everyday. He believes in learning and unlearning and thrives to improve with each shot. Life in general which is so unexpected, he tries to be as honest through his lens as he can. His main focus is on how to make ordinary moments look extraordinary.
Currently Vineet presents workshops globally and has judged MSPF ( Miami street photography festival ), currently judging San Fransisco street photography festival and conducting a seminar and a workshop in SF. His works and stories have been published on various prestigious magazines all over the world including National Geographic. He is part of the famous collective www.streetcollective.com which comprises of only 8 members from the world and a part of APF collective which has 20 members.
In 2015 he was placed 5th in the top 20 most influential street photographers.
In 2016 has is placed 3rd in the top most influential street photographers.
He is a Leica Mentor
Other publishes :
©Rohit Vohra
Rohit Vohra
Rohit Vohra is a street/ travel photographer, educator and Co-founder/ Editor in Chief of APF Magazine. He is a Leica Leica Academie Mentor. In a search for methods to read the city, his photographs are often about contact with humans and basic living elements. He received his BFA from College of Arts, Delhi in the year 1997 and has been photographing for over 12 years.
He is one of Asia’s most prominent street photographers, He is a member of APF Collective. His works have appeared in numerous Newspapers/ Magazines all over the world.
Among other commercial work, which includes product and fashion, he personally likes street photography because of the uncertainty, the challenge, the joy of capturing that perfect moment, perfect in terms of light, texture, and elements all perfectly in place.
For him street photography is one of the purest forms of photography. He says, “It is also one of the most difficult forms of photography. It’s difficult because we usually don’t have much control over the environment, well at least as much as we might like.”
His portfolio
Follow him here
He was placed No. 1 in the top 20 most influential street photographers.
Some of his interviews
An Interview with Eric Kim
Latest Articles (May-Aug 2016) for Huffington post
At Bored Panda
He is on the judging panel of some of the top Photography awards in the world. Including IPA, PX3, SIPA, MIFA, Tokyo International Foto awards, Photogravphy Grant etc.

Venue : TBA

11th May : 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

12th May : 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
13th May : 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Since the class is limited to max 12 participants, we can confirm your seat once the full deposit has been made.
To confirm your spot, write to us at contact@artphotofeature.com
Here is a link to know what APF Street photography workshops are like,
Read participant Testimonials from one of our workshop in Singapore last year

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