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Biggest Challenge in street photography today?

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What is the biggest challenge that you face with your street photography today?”

Finding the time to go and shoot the streets, as much as I would like. ” Rohit Vohra

“How to be invisible”. Vineet Vohra

“Finding time to indulge myself in it … ” Dinesh Khanna

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  1. Art of viewing is the biggest challenge I face. And moat of the time even after practice and practice, I am not getting Into it. Thus started shooting less

    • Nimesh, the best way to go is either read a lot of books on street photography, follow blogs, or attend workshops. Books are a great source of inspiration and can open up a lot of doors. A lot of blogs these days cater to Street photography and will help you immensely. Also workshops are great as you get to meet other like minded people and mentors who can guide you in this journey. Giving up is not an option. Cheers

  2. The challenge is not a simple thing,but we are not entering in to the lives of the people. we have struck with physical aspect of life and celebrating the surface.

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