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20 Reasons why you shouldn’t date a street photographer

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20 reasons why you shouldn't date a street photographer

I have been shooting the streets for over 15 years now and I thought it’s about time I share my thoughts on why street photographers suck at dating. We are not bad lovers, we just suck at dating. 20 reasons why you should never date a street photographer.

1. They will zone focus, rather than giving you their undivided attention.

2. You ask them to take one decent picture of them and they will try to juxtapose or form layers.

3. They will take you to train stations for lunch.

4. They will have a ready answer for what draws them to street photography but draw a complete blank when you ask them what they like about you.

5. They would rather make a memorable photograph than a memorable evening.

6. They will go in close to anything and anyone.

7. Give them all the love that you want, photography is the only language they understand.

8. They will care more about their equipment. (pun intended)

9. They are uncertain and worry about their style and where their photography is heading rather than spending time on wondering where their relationship is going.

10. They would rather chase light than chase you.

11. They worry more about the likes on their photograph rather than your likes or dislikes.

12. They will shoot for themselves. (ahem ahem)

13. They will cut peoples arms and legs and sometimes for no apparent reason.

14. They will spend all their money (whatever little they have) on buying books and gear rather than buying you flowers.

15. They will almost always judge your photographs, take out faults and tell you what you should be doing.

16. With a camera always around their neck, forget about holding hands.

17. Even on vacations together, they will ask you for time off for themselves to walk alone.

18. Forget about personal photographs.

19. They will spend way too much time on social media, discussing street photo graphs, writing or liking posts like this rather than return your calls or meet you.

20. Lastly, when it comes to marrying you, their standard and profound reply will be, “I am waiting for the Decisive Moment”.

Would love to know your own personal reasons 🙂

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  1. Although I’m not a professional photographer I kind of recognize myself in these statements when I hang around with my wife with the basic idea to have a simple and nice outing. The intention is always fair. The result can be disappointing depending on the standpoint… As a matter of consequence, I end up going alone sometimes to freely let my attention and focus rambling.

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