© Tang Tawanwad Wanavit‎

APF Street Photography Award IV winner is Tang Tawanwad Wanavit‎

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APF street photography award IV goes to Tang Tawanwad Wanavit‎ from Thailand. APF awards has been one of the most unique features of the APF Magazine Street Photography Group, one of the largest and most active Street Photography groups in the world today with over 141K active members from 100 different countries.

The idea behind this award is simple, to provide inspiration to members, to encourage them to enjoy this craft. This is the winning image

© Tang Tawanwad Wanavit‎
© Tang Tawanwad Wanavit‎

We are also proud of Tang Tawanwad Wanavit‎ for his continued effort and showing improvement in leaps and bounds. He is a hard working photographer and we wish him all the best. Congratulations once again.

Vineet Vohra and Rohit Vohra – This is a wonderful image, intriguing at first and the viewer is forced to stop and have a second look. Good use of flash here, it captures the gaze very well. One can feel the tension created within the frame. Could be easily passed off as a wildlife shot, however it shows the street photographers approach in creating this inspiring scene.

Tang wins a copy of Tales of Tono by Daido Moriyama

To know more about APF magazine street photography awards, join our community here. 

Have a great weekend everyone.

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