Maha Kumbh Mela Workshop, 27th Jan – 1st Feb 2025.

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A Once-in-a-Lifetime Street Photography Workshop!

Dates : 27th Jan – 1st Feb 2025

Why Maha Kumbh 2025?

Maha Kumbh is not just an event, it’s a kaleidoscope of spirituality, culture, and human connections. This mystical congregation of millions is a visual feast, a tapestry of colors, emotions, and traditions that beg to be immortalised.

What Makes this Workshop Unique?

As seasoned street photographers, we bring a wealth of experience and a keen eye for storytelling to this exclusive workshop. This isn’t just about technical skills, it’s about learning to see beyond the chaos, capturing the silent moments that define the soul of Maha Kumbh. We have shot the Maha Kumbh in Prayagraj in 2001 and 2013. The Maha Kumbh in 2025, will be our 3rd Maha Kumbh.

@ Vineet Vohra
@ Vineet Vohra
  • Insider Access: With years of experience, we will help you navigate the bustling crowds with ease, gaining access to hidden gems and exclusive vantage points.
  • Personalised Feedback: You will receive constructive critiques tailored to your work, helping you refine your craft during and after the workshop.
  • A Portfolio to Remember: You will leave with a collection of images that not only document but also narrate the story of Maha Kumbh 2025 through your lens. Let’s capture the magic together and create images that resonate for a lifetime. Join us in Maha Kumbh 2025 and elevate your street photography to new heights!
maha kumbh by rohit vohra
@ Rohit Vohra

Kumbh” in its literal English translation means “Pot”, which emerged from “Samudra Manthan”(Churning of the Ocean) between Gods and Devils. The term ‘Mela‘ means “Fair”

In the mystical tapestry of India’s spiritual landscape, the Maha Kumbh stands as a rare celestial event, a confluence of faith, tradition, and humanity that occurs once every 12 years. Scheduled for 2025, this grand spectacle promises to be a pilgrimage like no other, drawing millions from across the globe to the sacred banks of the Ganges.

@ Vineet Vohra
@ Vineet Vohra

The Maha Kumbh is not merely a gathering; it is a cosmic alignment of rivers, rituals, and revered saints, where the spiritual energy is palpable in the air. The event is rooted in ancient Hindu mythology, symbolizing the churning of the ocean of milk for the elixir of immortality. Today, it represents a profound journey of self-discovery and devotion, attracting seekers and believers alike.

Maha kumbh mela by Rohit Vohra
@ Rohit Vohra

At the heart of the Maha Kumbh is the sacred dip in the holy river, believed to cleanse one’s sins and bestow divine blessings. Pilgrims and sadhus, draped in vibrant hues, create a kaleidoscope of devotion as they embark on this transformative ritual. The atmosphere resonates with the sounds of hymns, prayers, and the joyous clamor of divers cultures converging under the spiritual umbrella of the Kumbh.

@ Vineet Vohra

The 2025 edition is poised to be a photographer’s dream, offering a visual feast of humanity’s collective faith. From the intricately adorned sadhus with their ash-smeared bodies to the fervent chants rising with the smoke of sacred fires, every moment encapsulates the essence of devotion. It’s a rare opportunity for photographers to capture the raw, unfiltered beauty of a spiritual carnival that transcends time and space.

APF is organising a 6 day intensive workshop which is tailor made to cater to needs of anyone who wishes to train their eyes to find order in chaos of this years Maha Kumbh Mela held in Allahabad. Street photography is very rewarding but at the same time, one of the hardest genres to master. This workshop would help ease the anxiety next time you hit the streets, would help solve the puzzle of composing compelling images in split seconds and most importantly it would help you to see.

©Rohit Vohra
©Rohit Vohra

Each day will include shooting and theoretical session on all you need to know about street and travel photography, dos and don’ts, ways to overcome the fear of getting close, detailed look into various composition aspects and the common mistakes while composing, understanding layering in photography, developing ones own style, understanding peripheral vision, ways to see and treat light. Mentors will also share shot videos of how photographs are made.

© Rohit Vohra
© Rohit Vohra

Mentors : Vineet Vohra & Rohit Vohra

A make shift classroom will help the participants share and select their top images for review and critiques.
Mentors will talk about the art of story telling. How to write stories and photo essays, followed by a lecture on importance of shooting personal projects and how it benefits in a long run.

Workshop Fees: USD 3895/ EUR 3895/ INR 3,25,000

Includes :

  • Workshop charges
  • Single occupancy Hotel stay in 3/4 star property for 5 nights and 6 days.
  • All meals
  • All local travel in Allahabad
@Vineet Vohra
@Vineet Vohra

– Return international air ticket
– Any private expenses
– Room service charges
– Porter services
– 18% GST for Indians / 5% paypal fee when applicable
– Visa fees (if applicable)
– Personal travel insurance (compulsory; self-purchase)

To book the complete package please write to us at

@ Vineet Vohra
@Vineet Vohra

Cancelation Policy : 

  • If a participant cancels for any reason before 6th June 2024, 35% fee will be deducted.
  • If a participant cancels for any reason after 6th June 2024, 100% fee will be deducted. (Unless you are able to find a replacement)

All precautions will be taken for the safety of participants. Workshop is limited to 10 participants only.

We would highly recommend a good travel insurance for your own safety.

Maha kumbh mela 2025
@ Rohit Vohra

During this Intense shooting 6-day workshop, we will focus on the following topics:

  • How to work towards a theme and focus on projects.
  • Travel Photography and art of story telling
  • How to edit your images to enhance the final result.
  • Photography assignments to put theories to work while walking with the mentors in Allahabad
© Rohit Vohra
© Rohit Vohra

This workshop is limited to 10 participants only.

There are no pre-requisites for attending this workshop. The workshop will be best suited for photographers who have some understanding of how to operate their camera, edit their photos, have some experience in photography and want to take their skills to the next level. However, inexperienced photographers are also welcome. You will be walking a lot during the 6 days, please be prepared for that. We will be shooting in odd hours as required for this largest spectacle on earth.

@Vineet Vohra
@Vineet Vohra

Students need to bring the following to the workshop:

–       A digital camera with a fixed wide angle lens preferably (a 35mm focal length lens would be best). You are most welcome to get your Long telephoto lenses and zooms for your personal work.

–       A laptop with software to edit/tone your images

–       A notebook to take down notes during the workshop

Register Now:

To book the complete package please write to us at 

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