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    Mindy Tan
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    Mithu Chakarborty
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    Adhiraj Ghosh
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    Mithu Chakarborty
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    Kai Tan
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    Melvin Ho
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    Melvin Ho
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    Evi Herlyna
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    Mindy Tan
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    Evi Herlyna
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    Shan Zhan
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    Shan Zhan
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    Kai Tan
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    Adhiraj Ghosh
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    Faisal Fazalbhoy
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    Haolun Li
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    Haolun Li

Singapore Street photography, by APF Workshop participants

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Singapore has always been a fun place to shoot street, a diverse country with many languages, religions and has a great mix of cultures.

APF held a 3 day workshop in Singapore 26th-28th Aug 2016 and there were a total of 18 participants. Most of the participants were new to street photography, there were also some who were experienced wedding photographers with a fondness to street photography.

In the middle of rain and haze, participants managed to get some exceptional photographs which is a testament of their effort and determination.

The above collection shows some of the best street photographs shot during the workshop period by the participants.

It’s fulfilling to see the results and the improvement in their work in such a short period.

Testimonials from the participants.

“I appreciated how Vineet and Rohit structured the workshop so everyone could see an improvement in their work. Their lectures and feedback were clear, insightful and very helpful. I felt a considerable improvement in my photography in a short period of time. Thanks!” Faisal Fazalbhoy

“Vohra bothers are the ultimate artists of street photography. Their dedication towards this art and their sincere efforts to prepare us for street photography is indeed commendable. The sincerity they show and effort they put to educate us will only be returned with gratitude if we put our hundred percent effort and sincerity with determination to learn all they teach and practise how they advise us. Singapore workshop has been the most interesting session among all the sessions I have attended so far. Thank you VV and RV for coming to Singapore.
As William Arthur Ward said, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires”. Vineet Vohra and Rohit Vohra, you inspire us everyday. Keep up the great work.”  Mithu Chakraborty

“I’m glad that i managed to join this workshop and learnt a lot from you both. Your sharing and critique were excellent and rich in contents. Nothing sugar coated but straight to the points. Powerful technicality and skills aside, i love your kind reminders about shooting for ourselves not for ‘likes’, having fun and enjoying the process as the core of street photography. I have got so much to take away from the workshop but keeping the gratitude towards all of you – Vohra and workshop fellows! Thank you!” Kai Tan

“This workshop has opened my eyes on photography. I have read many articles on street photography but nothing beats observing the masters doing it in real life. I am so amazed that they can go so close to the subjects without them even knowing it. Truly fearless! I have learnt not to be afraid and just go with the flow. Seeking order in chaos. Finding something in nothing. Now all I need is just practise practise practise! The Vohra brothers are truly 2 of the best street photographers alive today.” Melvin Ho

“I have been starting Street photography since about 1.5 years ago, many shot was in Frontal Shot . When I get to know about APF workshop in Singapore, i made a quick decision for the Appointment without think twice.  On the way back to Jakarta, i talked to myself that i have found My Teachers, My Street Photography Teacher !!! Big Thanks to both of you, Sir !!! As Mentor, Vohra Brothers are Superior, Humble and Wise. All the Best to Vohra Brothers, please keep inspire us.” Evi Herlyna

“A good teacher shows the student what is possible and how to go there”. Vineet and Rohit are demonstrating that during the workshop! They always available with suggestions and even manage to track down wandering students to offer their insights. Thank you for expanding my photography horizons ! Shan Zhan

“At first, I joined the workshop expecting to learn the technical aspects of capturing street, and marrying these aspects with wedding photography work. While the past three days certainly provided that, what I gained was far more than that.I learnt that a successful street photograph will come with 99 other failures. I learnt to embrace what I like and shoot what-the-hell I want, the way I want. I learnt that the streets are brimming with potential and to see and feel more rather than keep shooting away. And I also learnt that to have good street photographs, I must simply have fun.It was mind-boggling to see such a diverse range of photographs even though we shared the same location. The refreshingly honest critique of the photos were also necessary if we want to improve, and I really appreciate that. I had a great time dissecting not only my photos, but also every participant’s, and it was super enriching. Thank you everyone (mentors included) and I had a wonderful 3 days learning from all of you!” P.s: Leica dream still far away :p”  Haolun Li

“Vineet & Rohit are beyond great photographers. They’re humble, honest and creative people who can show you the decisive moment that happens in between the busy bustle of life. Their workshops are a must do for anyone serious about street not just for the lessons, but also, for the connections you make with other like minded photographers.” Adhiraj Ghosh

” Time well spent at the workshop! The Vohra brothers are generous teachers of photography, thank you very much I really appreciate all that you have given. Their enthusiasm for the street rubs off on you. Whatever stage of photography you are pursing, they offered steadfast advice to everyone in the class such that every student was able to gain more insights into thinking about photography, and ways they can develop their craft further. You could not ask for more.”  Mindy Tan

Some fun behind the scenes here

14089241_10208464092733128_1372886501879486578_n 14184361_10208464091293092_2201189914452524860_n 14079634_10208464089893057_6788175980848402994_n 14100394_10208464089413045_1942468937014210753_n 14068317_10208464089293042_602613787637313320_n 14079972_10208464088733028_5005739398370744174_n 14079591_10208463848807030_3735357627572626817_n 14184368_10208463848487022_2022989172447301256_n

Congrats to all the participants and we wish you success.

Find out more details about APF workshops HERE

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